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How To Enable Sales Tax and Vat Charges In Stripe For GoHighLevel CRM

Oct 17

What's up guys, this is balanced with Extendly For HighLevel, and today we're going to discuss how to charge tax or vat charges on your transactions through stripe. 

Alright so that customers of ours who really really needed this solution worked on and tried to figure out what are the ways and the solution is actually very simple. 

So the G. H. L. Version of it doesn't allow you to charge taxes within high level yet. 

I'm sure Sean and the team are working on it but here's how to set up your account and charge taxes. 

The first thing you wanna do is go over to settings which are right over here and you want to go into tax settings and that's right here. 

You want to click there once you're here you want to go ahead and complete the tax registration and all of that. 

It's very simple. You just gotta type in your address which state you're in and of that nature and it will automatically enable tax to be charged. 

You don't have to select an amount to be charged and whatnot. 

It'll enable stripe to have a built-in integration for tax calculation, it'll enable that automatically, Then you go ahead and select whatever type of products that you're selling and whether you want the shipping to be involved or not and then you are all done with setting this up and of course make sure you have this enabled automatic tax calculation turned on once you're done with that then head over to products and then in products create a product, I created this taxable test product. 

It was very simple to create. 

All I did was I gave it a name entered a description, selected what category that product was in, and the price that I wanted to give. 

and that's it. Let's click on another price and kind of show you have the only important one that you need to do is check this. 

Well no, check this if you want the amounts to be calculated. 

So for example let's type in dollars right here. 

So if you were Total including tax to be $10, then check this. 

If you don't then leave it off and selected it as a one-time payment

As long as you have this tax category selected, it will automatically apply sales tax to that and that's it. 

Then gahead and save your product. 

I'm gonna exit this because I already have that product built and once you're done with that then you want to create a payment link. 

And I believe I did that by going into the home section. 

This is our test account. So give me a second. 

Alright, so underpayments you want to click on payment link ▪ and you wanna click create new and then when you do that, go ahead and add in your product there, select the product that they are going to be purchasing or if it's multiple products you can add another product as well and then if there are quantities sure show quantities. 

If you don't want them to adjust quantities and it needs to be a set amount then go ahead and allow that appropriately calculate tax automatically calculate customers collect tax based on customer's address. 

Select whether you want it to be on billing address only or billing and shipping and if you do that then it allows you to select what countries do you want to enable the ship to. 

So I've just selected all of them here so that it can calculate the tax appropriately. 

And whether you want, whether you want to ask for the phone number or not is completely optional and has nothing to do with the tax. 

And then some of these other options over here select those appropriately and that's it. 

Then you update the link or save the link. 

And by the way, there's a confirmation page thing here, let's go back and see if allows me to go back or do I need to edit this. 

Okay go here edit and there's a confirmation page. 

The confirmation page is basically confirming your payment's been made or whatever the next steps are if any instructions you need to put in there or do you wanna a redirect has the message been replaced with another redirect or Things of that nature? 

If it says, don't show confirmation page will redirect to your website, whatever that link is, that you're gonna enter here, then you can have redirected to a different page, a different thank you page if you want. 

So you can build a thank you page at and high level and have them be redirected there if you don't want the automatic thank you page shown from here. 

All right. So then all you have to do is copy that link and gto it. 

So here's this link. You can copy this. You can turn it into a QR code. 

I was trying to see if there was a way to embed this page in an existing high-level page, but it doesn't look like there is, or there Yeah, there isn't. 

So all I did was just copy the link, went to the link right here and you enter your information. 

I entered our information and volley calculated the tax. 

appropriately, I'm gonna grab an address from a different country, and let's see if it calculates the vat and stuff like that. 

Alright, so I entered in this the address for Spain, but it didn't calculate the tax, and I think I know why I think in the states when it is an out-of-state sale, it doesn't calculate, it doesn't charge you attacks, which is why it's not calculating any sort of international taxes because hey, who the heck are you going to submit that tax to? Let's try another address and see in the States and see if that works. 

entered a random address in California again and it did calculate the sales tax. Let's see if we change this address to Arkin's and enter a different address and see if it will do that.  And there we go. I entered Arkansas's address and it did not calculate sales tax there again. That's because the tax registration on this account is in California. So because it's out of state for California, there's no sales tax being applied there, but for any address within calif, the sales tax is being applied on there. 

So the process is done and it is working if you need to set this up for yourself, this is exactly how you do it. If there are any questions related to it, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and be happy to help. 

Thank you for watching. Take care and have a good one. Bye bye. 

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